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    YO! The 90s Called - Lo-Fi Tape Drum | Vol.3


    Quick! Give Your Beats Life With This Unconventional Lo-Fi Sample Pack!

    The biggest and best volume of "YO! The 90s called" is finally here! We worked incredibly hard to put this sample pack together.
    There are almost 3000 loops to choose from !
    Vol.3 was thoughtfully crafted with a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder, resulting in a lush tape cassette texture that you can play around with to add a vintage, Lo-Fi touch to your beats.
    This pack is well-suited for a range of genres, including Hip-Hop, Boom Bap, R&B, and Neo Soul.
    All the loops you hear in this sample pack were run through the Tascam 424 MKI, one of the best analog cassette recorders of its time. The warmth and character it imparts on the sound is unparalleled, making it a highly sought-after tool for those looking to achieve a vintage, lo-fi aesthetic in their recordings.

    There are six variations of each loop, ranging from high fidelity to the most lo-fi, including options with and without tape cassette noise. You can choose from three different types of cassettes, each with its own unique character.

    All of these variations are available in different BPMs, allowing you to choose the one that suits your needs best. The loops will tempo-sync to your DAW's master tempo. The BPM range is our suggested use of each beat.

    66 / 70.5 / 77.5

    We kept it simple by not adding any reverb or delay, so you can easily edit and customize the loops to your liking.

    Feel free to get creative and chop them up to create your own rhythm! You can also mix and match different textures for even more amazing results. 

    Tape machinae salvatores hic sunt ad tuam musicam meliorem

    es laetus!